We’re all humans, and we all have our vices. How to identify your worst habit and fight it effectively? Stars are ready to come to your help! Select your zodiac sign and get a couple of workable tips for breaking your bad habits at a moment's notice!

Have you ever seen a person who’s talking on the phone loudly telling about his or her possessions or achievements and making everyone else hear it? This guy must be a Leo. It’s natural that this highly creative, smart and charming sign can’t but show off from time to time, but sometimes it seems rather annoying to others.

The thing is, this wish is often a result of insecurity a Leo person is experiencing. Try to learn to pay compliments to others and you’ll see how gratifying it is. People will feel more grateful to you and will feel you’re closer to them, and not just an unreachable superior creature. Start with your closest ones, and then practice it with all your acquaintances.

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