We’re all humans, and we all have our vices. How to identify your worst habit and fight it effectively? Stars are ready to come to your help! Select your zodiac sign and get a couple of workable tips for breaking your bad habits at a moment's notice!

Despite the fact you’re a born speaker, you’re not very good at listening to others. There is a simple exercise aimed at turning you into a perfect listener, though – just try to keep silent for as long as possible. Although at first, it will be rather hard, you’ll soon notice how many interesting things can be heard if you only manage to listen! 

You can start with your closest people and take on the role of a psychologist. Encourage them to tell you about all the problems and thoughts they have, and try not to pronounce a single interrupting word while they’re speaking. You’ll kill two birds with one stone – help the people you love to unburden themselves and practice active listening!

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