With 2019 coming to its close, it’s time to get ready for new experiences. This year is promising to be auspicious when it comes to love affairs. So, it's time to find out what your love life will be like in 2020! Choose your sign to learn about the romantic opportunities 2020 has in store for you.

Speaking of love life, you should feel lucky to be a Taurus native in 2020. If you’re single, stars and planets will allow you to find a new love interest, don’t lose this chance. This sphere of life probably wasn’t your main priority in 2019 but in 2020 it will change.

Pay attention to Scorpio natives as opposites attract. Don’t look exclusively at your fellow countrymen – those relationships where people of different backgrounds come together will blossom.

If you’re already in a relationship, this year it will probably dissolve; the months when it will mostly occur are March, April, and May, with March being the most chaotic one. A Lunar eclipse on January 10 may start a process of your current relationship being tested by outsiders.

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