With 2019 coming to its close, it’s time to get ready for new experiences. This year is promising to be auspicious when it comes to love affairs. So, it's time to find out what your love life will be like in 2020! Choose your sign to learn about the romantic opportunities 2020 has in store for you.

For the past several years, your love life has been inconsistent. Your intellectual and spiritual growth may have caused misunderstandings between you and your partner. Upon entering the relationship, your partner had a certain perception of you, but, with time, your personality has undergone rather radical changes. You have also changed your relationship expectations.

As for the coming year, Saturn’s transfer into your sign on December 17 will bring changes into your life. Although it’s not a very auspicious aspect, you can use it to your benefit, if you take the correct approach. Saturn’s position tests the strength of relationships. Only partners with a high level of commitment and true love can pass this test.

It will be time to revise your social and love life. Reevaluate your priorities to put things in order. This will help you understand which relations are true and which you should let go of. Marriage is not likely for Aquarians during this period. However, it may take place out of convenience.

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