Perfect health is what helps us enjoy our life. It's the most important and vulnerable aspect of our life and, fortunately, astrology can help you when it comes to health matters.

Venus is your Health Planet and the Ruling Planet of your sign and it will go retrograde in May. You should be exceptionally careful during these days as your immune system will tend to be weakened. Pay attention to your lungs. To Taurus natives, health means a lot: it doesn’t only mean feeling well from the physical point of view. It also means your wholesome relationships with your family, friends, your social activity.

Overall, there’s an extremely strong connection between your health and your career, social activities, and your looks. Health tends to be good when everything is fine in other spheres of your life. It’s all interdependent.

Sometimes when you feel a bit unwell and tired without an actual reason and your doctor can’t explain what is wrong with you, a good cure will be solving an irritating problem you are facing at work. Or buying some nice new clothes. Don’t be negligent to these spheres of life. In the second half of the year, pay more attention to your psychological health. Don’t overtire yourself in this aspect. Stay away from toxic people if it’s possible.

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