Perfect health is what helps us enjoy our life. It's the most important and vulnerable aspect of our life and, fortunately, astrology can help you when it comes to health matters.

As a typical Gemini native, you tend to ignore this aspect of your life or pay little attention to it. In 2020, you will have to change it. As Saturn-Jupiter-Pluto conjunction will be affecting you and your health this year, you should be careful. Focus on saving your energy and don’t waste it on insignificant matters. Don’t let stress accumulate in your body and affect it in a bad way.

Be especially careful this year if you are prone to common colds or catching the flu. A mere cold will be able to cause rather serious end-stage complications. You should also be wary when it comes to your kidneys and throat. Of course, you won’t suffer serious diseases but in the case of health, it is better to be safe than sorry. If you happen to have a chronic lung disease it will be a good idea to see a doctor at the end of summer.

This period will be exceptionally stressful for your respiratory system. The first two weeks of October will be quite harsh for your physical condition, too, but if you take care of yourself and have enough rest, you will be fine.

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