Perfect health is what helps us enjoy our life. It's the most important and vulnerable aspect of our life and, fortunately, astrology can help you when it comes to health matters.

In the first half of the coming year, your health will remain solid. But starting from June, planetary conjunctions will bring the necessity for closer scrutiny of your health. A stressful period is in store: Saturn retrogrades in your Zodiac sign from May 11 till June 30. Thus, you will need to pay more attention to your energy level. 

Some adjustments to your lifestyle may be required as well. You shouldn’t worry too much about these changes; they will not bring any serious diseases. Nonetheless, you need to be realistic while evaluating your capabilities. You may not have enough power for extra projects at work or pleasurable activities.

Your main focus should be on your stomach, heart, and breasts. Your health will require special attention from October 15 to November 16. During this period, you should slow down your activities and rest more.

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