Will Libra Be As Fit As A Fiddle Or As Pale As A Ghost In 2020?

state. To keep your health good, you have to organize your lifestyle. Stop wasting your precious time on trivial matters. Sleep at least eight hours every night. Mental tiredness can do a lot of nasty things to your physical health. 

You should be especially vigilant in the year ahead as the Pluto-Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction will negatively affect your well-being. Pay special attention to the state of your respiration organs and treat them with care. Viral infections will be possible on that day. 

Your vitality will be lowered during the period starting from the beginning of fall. Some breathing exercises will be valuable for your health. In March, your stomach will be vulnerable. It will be pivotal to change your dietary habits but not too radically. Eating more vegetables and staying hydrated will be the key.