Discover What Opportunities 2019 Brings To Taurus!

At the beginning of the year, your ruling planet, Venus, will be in Scorpio, enhancing your diplomatic skills and making you more tolerant with others. Taureans will need to take their moods under control in order to save relationships. In August, Uranus will help you improve your public image.

Your love life is going to be unsteady. You will need to work hard trying to win the trust of your loved one. A somewhat selfish approach this year may lead you to relationships outside of marriage. Single Taureans will be in demand with the opposite sex. Still, 2019 is not the right moment for long-term commitments.

As for your career, the time has come to reconsider your priorities. Don’t expect any major changes in your financial sphere. You will need to readjust your budget at the beginning of spring. The situation will improve by the end of 2019. Health issues can be resolved with the help of new relaxation methods.